We specialize in Digital Strategy, which basically means we help businesses rock their online sales and leads subscriptions by asking the right questions, finding great answers and producing whatever it takes in order to improve your online conversions.



Digital assets are the food that fuels your machine, and online marketing requires a regular, consistent stream of content: social media posts, videos, newsletter content, business pages, landing pages, articles and website copywriting, banners and more. 

Our philosophy is simple: You can’t know where you’re going unless you know what your message is, who your clients are, and where to find them online. Your strategy should both tell a story and reflect your business goals.

Do you have a Digital Game Plan?

The best assets can do little if they aren’t seen. Even the best content needs a boost now and then to ensure it is seen by the right people on the right channels at the right time. Deliver your ads across Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, according to your business' Digital Game Plan.



SPLUS DIGITAL is all about the fusion of technology and end-to-end business strategy to produce elegant, impactful marketing solutions to your toughest challenges.

Lead by Sarah Sarfati-Cohen, a Digital Marketing expert with over 17 years of experience in Digital, Technology, Analysis, Sales, Business Consulting, Marketing, and Global Markets. SPLUS Digital specializes in Conversion Optimization and online business strategies. 

We believe in technology, impact, and data. 

Our team of passionate techies, strategists, and designers are here to make sure your business gets the best. We work closely with our clients to pioneer new solutions with a holistic approach to understanding the overlap of business objectives, market needs, and tech abilities. 


Digital Marketing is about more than just having a great video or viral post.

Getting customers online requires identifying your goals, building a plan and executing it - all while tracking your success using data. We call it a Digital Game Plan (DGP).

Your DGP includes what you're going to say (what your message is), who are you talking to (who are your customers and targeted audiences), where to find them online (on what platforms - Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube ect.), when to publish (how many times a day/month, according to what budget) and what should be the key performance indicators (KPI) of success.

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I would like to recommend the amazing and professional service of SPlus Digital. I have been in business for 3 years and have worked with a lot of people which were "experts" in ​​digital marketing. What I especially love  is that they know how to identify the business and the person who stands in front of them and upgrade their lives - both in terms of effective creative tech solutions, and by always making me feel they really care. I highly recommend SPLUS for any business that wants to succeed  big time :)

Sarah and SPLUS have been our CMO for the past 2 years and have done an excellent job. They are successfully handling a variety of tasks related to strategy development and online marketing. I highly recommend them.

Mario Fischel

CEO, Eliora games

You've arrived to an amazing place! The SPLUS team has a genuine passion for marketing and digital. Their empathic attitude, patience, endless sense of partnership, giving, smiling and gentleness are so rare and a super significant features! Sarah is a true artist when it comes to cracking marketing strategies and goes hand in hand with you in your business marketing journey. Working with them is simply a pleasure, highly recommended.


Gali Shani-Kalderon

Founder, Matchnmaker

Ronit Harris-Maman

CEO, Shush Cont



Goal + Plan + Data = STRATEGY.



They say talk is cheap, we say a good conversation is priceless.


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