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Web Accessibility Statement

The website is accessible in accordance with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments for Service) Regulations, 2013, and complies with the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines at level AA. Among other features: at the top of the site, there is a clear options toolbar that allows quick and easy access to key areas of the site; there is a keyboard navigation option that includes moving forward and backward between items on the site by pressing Tab and Shift-Tab, respectively; every image on the site has alternative text accompanying it; text and other elements on the site are displayed with the required high contrast; the display size can be changed without limitation; there is an option for a black/white/gray screen; the display adapts itself to different screen sizes, tablets, and smartphones; the page is clearly and hierarchically divided by topics. The site supports all common browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer; the site supports screen reader software for the benefit of people with visual impairments.

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