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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)


This workshop is perfect for employees in organizations and companies, from beginners who want to understand and experience the world of AI, to those who have made basic use and wish to expand and deepen their knowledge and skills in the field.

In this workshop, we explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and how it's transforming the world we live in. The goal is to enable participants to integrate these tools into their daily work, thereby improving their efficiency and developing new skills.

The workshop includes:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: An explanation of basic concepts and the potential of AI in the modern world.

  • Leading AI Tools: Presentation and hands-on experience with tools and platforms that enable automated writing, advanced image creation, and intelligent conversations.

  • Practical Application: Reviewing real-world examples, analyzing case studies, and developing ideas for integration into day-to-day work.

  • Enhancing Work with AI: Tips and methods for leveraging the potential of AI to improve output, efficiency, and creativity.

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Navigating Artificial Intelligence on Mobile

This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of using Artificial Intelligence through mobile, for both personal and professional needs.

In this workshop, we dive into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence within the mobile interface, learning how to harness this technology for daily use, both personally and professionally. From smart navigation systems to data analysis apps, the workshop offers a thorough and practical overview of the possibilities this technology provides.

  • Workshop Structure: The workshop is divided into several sections, including a theoretical presentation, practical demonstrations, and hands-on practice by the participants.

  • Workshop Content: Overview of popular mobile AI applications, including apps for improving communication, time management, and more. Learn how to navigate interfaces and leverage technology to enhance productivity and quality of life.

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Create a Marketing Strategy using AI

Designed for business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to develop and implement an excellent digital marketing strategy for selling SAAS products or services using AI.

Join us in this comprehensive workshop that will equip you with the tools, insights, and strategies needed to build and execute a successful digital marketing campaign for selling SAAS products or services. With a deep understanding of today's digital market and consumers, we will learn how to create strong marketing messages, choose the right channels, and maximize the impact of every dollar spent on our campaigns.

Workshop Structure & Content:

  • Developing a Marketing Strategy: How to analyze the market and competitors, understand your audience's needs, and formulate a winning marketing strategy.

  • Branding and Marketing Messages: Developing a strong brand identity and creating original and persuasive marketing messages that directly speak to the customer's heart.

  • Choosing Digital Channels: Learning about the various digital channels and how to choose the best ones for your target audience.

  • Analysis and Measurement: Explanation of tools and methods for measuring and analyzing the success of campaigns, including how to adjust the strategy based on results.

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